Extensive Crash Course Tutoring for High School Cambridge Students

We strive to provide affordable, comprehensive workshops and crash course tutoring to prepare students for a wide range of Cambridge IGCSE, AS, and A-Level Examinations. Our intensive tutoring courses have proven results.

5:1 Student-Tutor Ratio

Our 5 students to 1 teacher ratio ensures that every student gets enough focus and individual attention, whilst having the ability to learn with peers.
Excellent Tutors

Our tutors are currently excellent university students, who have gained among the highest Cambridge results in New Zealand. We maintain an ongoing system to ensure our tutors are among the best.

Campus Link is a charitable non-for-profit organisation, aimed at providing inexpensive education.
Strategically Timed

Our high intensity crash courses are held in July and October, before mid-year and end-of-year external examinations, meaning students enter examinations with ideas and concepts fresh in their minds.